Shakib Lutaaya with his wife Zari Hassan
Image: Instagram

Shakib Cham, Zari Hassan's husband revealed that he was robbed on Friday at a supermarket near his neighborhood .

Shakib who is based in Uganda accused singer Pallaso of being on the know of the person who robbed him. Shakib said onlookers pointed fingers at a man called 'Benja' whom they alleged is a close ally to the Ugandan singer.

An audio of their conversation in Luganda has leaked and fans are throwing shade at Shakib for painting Pallaso in bad light.

In the audio, Shakib is heard asking Pallaso to help find the 'Benja' but the singer said he did not know such a person. 

From the audio, fans think the singer was calm and willing to help, unlike what Shakib made social media users believe.

Check out reactions;


Kalungi Derek: But pallaso was kind. Not as you trying to portray him. He is being helpful

Bargieslima: Pallaso seems helpful but the way shakib is portraying him to be

Jackiembaziira: Shakib is actually calm & has not portrayed anything coz he is also asking Pallaso to help him nab the thief if he actually knows

Banae y'all blaming Shakib aren't fair. He is seeking Pallaso's help respectively in a calm way using the information given to him.

Emmete: Why release the audio yet he was helpful

Eddywaver: But the other guy told u he knows the thief, and you are there now quizzing @pallasomusic đź¤¦ get that boy, facilitate him and he will lead u to the suspect.

Muhinbdivincent: The musician was helpful why then did you say he wasn't thanks for the voice message

Sharonkula: How do you walk around with a bag full of money and chains….