Esther Musila and Guardian Angel

Esther Musila is thankful that Guardian Angel's ex girlfriends left him, and through that, she was able to get a husband.

Speaking to Clouds FM, Musila said;

"I told him the other day that I am happy that his ex girlfriends left him thinking he is struggling in life but they gave me a husband, a good husband for that matter. I am happy you left him. God has fullfilled my prayers and beyond my expectation"

She added that her life started at 50.

"Everything I wished for, I have received in the last four years. Guardian has given me love."

"He knows I love him so much. He has given me fulfillment in my life. I feel like I am a child with him because of the love he has for me."

Guardian Angel also opened up about his life, revealing that meeting his wife was a 360 turnaround.

"When I got her, I had dreams from a very personal level but my mind opened up that there's more to life than being a superstar. My life took a 360 turn, I started thinking differently, how I react my music, my financial life. Everything changed for the better."

Musila concluded by saying her husband enjoys eating Ugali, Mboga za Kienyeji, chicken and fish.