Media Personality Stephen Letoo
Image: Facebook

Journalist Stephen Letoo has revealed that Men's Conference has been registered.

In a statement, Letoo, who is the chairman of the Men's Conference said the sole mandate is to champion the well-being of the boy child, which is commemorated on Valentine's day.

"One year since we held our inaugural conference in Carnivore, the men's conference group has made a milestone and is now fully registered as required by our laws and the constitution."

This year's theme is 'Men and Safety. Their focus will be road safety focusing on boda boda riders.

""Majority of those who lost their lives sadly are boda boda riders who are part and parcel of the men's conference group.  99 % of the riders are men and we care for our fellow men."

"We want to discourage a situation where a man leaves the house in the morning and never returns home leaving behind orphans and widows just because he died on the road."

They intend to launch a year-long men's conference road safety campaign dubbed 'Donate A reflector jacket and save our men.

Letoo also announced the demise of their Head of digital media Keizer Obed.

He called upon all men to take a minute on Wednesday 14th February to observe a minute of silence. A funeral service will be held the same day.