Tony Kwalanda
Tony Kwalanda
Image: Instagram

Sports journalist Tony Kwalanda has hit headlines after he revealed that cultural differences was a major cause of his split with actress Joyce Maina.

"Joyce Maina is a girl that my heart loved. We were at a point where we even went to hunt for a house that we would both be staying at," he said during an interview with Mkamburi Chigogo.

"Kuna vitu ambazo mila zetu zinatilia mkazo sana ambazo pengine upande wa akina Joyce hawakua wanatilia mkazo."


Kwalanda said that at one time, the two disagreed on naming of a child "Joyce alisema mtoto wangu wa Kwanza nataka nimuite hivi, wapili nimuite hivi."

He said he is from Malava and that men in that part of the country are supposed to name their kids.

"Joyce said there is no way she would carry the child and let me name it. I knew if we continued with the relationship, we would have a problem. That is just one thing that caused our misunderstanding and I think it was one of the main reasons."


Kwalanda added that he heard Joyce talking about the man cooking for his wife during pregnancy "I can cook....but people like me don't like being told about it or being reminded."

In September 2021, Joyce said on her social media that dating Tony Kwalanda was not so difficult even though they both worked at the same media house.

"We were only at work together once a week, so it was ok," she said. 

A fan asked; Are you planning to date anytime soon? 

"I don't see why not. I am ready," she replied. 

At the time, Joyce revealed that she has a thing for black men but is open to an interracial relationship.

"I personally love black men and find them very attractive. But am always open to giving another race a chance. Never say never.