Otile Brown and his ex girlfriend Nabayet
Image: Courtesy

Singer Otile Brown says it took courage for him to open up about his ex  Ethiopian lover Nabayet.

Confirming that he has now found love again, the singer said he thought he would never find a woman as good as his ex.

Taking to Instagram, Brown said;


"I loved the Ethiopian. I got hurt when she declined me. The trips I used to make were to ask her for her hand in marriage but she refused,' he opened up

Brown said he didn't want to insist on persuading her so much "I felt like she had changes, not the one I had met. The long distance struggles might have made her give up. I had to take the L and let her go."

The singer went on to say that he took a long without getting into a relationship because he felt like Nabayet was the one who really understood him "I was scared that I was not going to get a woman like her."


He spilled the beans "But now I'm grateful I found love."

Meanwhile, Brown has released his much anticipated album 'Grace'