South Africa's Tyla
Image: courtesy

Tyla Laura Seethal simply known as Tyla who is a Grammy award-winning South African singer and songwriter has been forced to cancel her UK and North America tour following health issues that she is currently battling.

The singer revealed this to her fans on social media, saying that for the past year, she has been silently suffering from an injury that has tragically worsened.

“For the past year, I’ve been silently suffering from an injury that has tragically worsened. I’ve seen doctors and specialists with high hopes but the pain has only become more agonizing as has the severity of the situation."


“I am heartbroken to have to say this but as of right now, I won’t be able to proceed with the tour. "

Tyla said she consulted with medical professionals "It's become increasingly clear that continuing any festival or tour dates would jeopardize my long-term health and safety. Words cannot describe my frustration at this pivotal point in my career: So please know that my team and I are working diligently on a spectacular show for you as soon as I am recovered and ready to return safely onstage this summer."

She promised her North American fans that their tickets would automatically be refunded.

She thanked her fans 'Tygers' who helped transform her into a reality which has been a lifelong dream.

"I am so grateful and humbled by this post year and the way it's changed my life I can never thank you guys enough for all your loving support, all the joy, the laughter, and the wins."

Tyla came into the limelight when she released her hit single 'Water.'