Brian Chira and Miracle Baby
Brian Chira and Miracle Baby

Singer Miracle Baby has revealed that late Tiktoker Brian Chira went to visit him in hospital and had a talk.

The Gengetone turn Mugiithi singer said Chira told him that he was battling depression and planned to have a conversation after Miracle left the hospital.

The former Sailors member has revealed this on his social media;

"Ni sad vile vijana wanadedi..Chira alikam kunicheki hosi na akanishow ana battle depression tulikua tubonge nikitoka hosi only to hear ati ame pass, RIP bro. Bado siamini umetuacha ," Peter Miracle Baby mourned

Other celebrities who've mourns the Tiktoker include singer Vivian who has condoled with his family.

"What a strange life. Rest. Rest now @chirabrian .We humans forget that each soul in this life matters. Yours did. Receive heartfelt peace to family and close friends.I would want to say more but what I know for sure is God is forever on the throne and his only language is love. EVERYONE needs it; rich, poor, famous, the murderers and hypocrites too. We are ALL His. Thank you God."

Terence Creative also wrote "Let’s learn to take care of each other ,we all know our friends and what they’re going through, Chira had a brighter future,may he rest in power."

Chira died on Saturday morning due to a road accident.