Hamisa Mobetto and Rick Ross

Hamisa Mobetto and American rapper Rick Ross are back to their social media interactions.

The two went live together on Instagram on Saturday. In 2022, they had been rumoured to be an item, claims that Hamisa later refuted.

In their latest Instagram live, Rick Ross promised to buy Mobetto shoes of her choice.

"Whats your favourite heels?" Asked Ross

To which Mobetto responded "Either the Louis Vuitton or Versace. You should get me those ones, I'll send you a picture."

Rick Ross asked Mobetto to send photos of her preffered shoes from the said brands.

The rapper further wanted to know the last time Mobetto was in the US.

"I came last month, I went to DC and then to LA. I think that's the time you were in Atlanta? No, You were in Miami at that time."

Ross said he was going to make sure that the two are in the same city the next time Mobetto visists the US "We're gonna make it happen."

Mobetto made sure to tell the rapper that she misses him. He then promised to go to Tanzania, shop for her and party together.

In July 2023, the two unfollowed each other on Instagram just days after Mobetto unveiled her Togolese boyfriend.

The two have since broken up.