Image: Kiss 100

Singer Ringtone Apoko had taken a social media break and has come out to reveal that he was having financial difficulties.

Speaking to members of the press, Apoko disputed claims that he had undergone depression.

"I have been having personal challenges, but nashukuru God amenisaidia nimetoka kwa hizo challenges. Kuna wakati nilikuwa nakosa mpaka food nakula avocado, breakfast, lunch, supper. I was growing those avocados and they were too many, they were dropping from the trees."

He continued;

"People go through challenges maybe to bring them back to their purpose."

He admitted that he had strayed away from the gospel.

"Pesa ilifanya nikasahau, nikaenda mambo mengine so nimerudi na nimesema charity begins at home. From here I will do a lot of community projects."