Elsa Majimbo

Comedienne and chess champion Elsa Majimbo is telling off people who report her to her parents. 

She said that people have been sending her social media videos to her parents "..... and they are like, look at what she's wearing, look at what she said."

"First of all my parents love me and they trust and support me in everything I do. Second of all, you are talking about someone else's child, what about your child?" She asked on TikTok

Adding that her dad is proud of her "My dad wakes up and pulls out a Forbes Magazine that I was on the cover of and says 'wow, look at ,my child."

"Will your child even ever work for Forbes?"

She said it is interesting to watch other people mind other people's businesses when they already have so much on their plate.

"My parents know I am good. Millions of people witnessed my success every single day," she said

She continued to explain that she fives her dad watches, Vacations, gifts, clothes and shoes.

"What do you get from your child," she asked

She concluded by saying people needed to mind their business and build their lives.