Pascal Tokodi on the set of Untying Kantai
Pascal Tokodi on the set of Untying Kantai

New Kenyan dramedy series, Untying Kantai, premiering on 9 May. 

The 13-part Showmax original series follows a man who stumbles on a lucrative but illegal business opportunity, and against his better judgement, dives headfirst into a world of danger and deceit. 

King Kantai is a man who has spent 30 years of his life working hard to provide for his family, only to be conned out of his life savings. In the thick of his mid-life crisis, fate throws him a curveball in the form of a truckload of antipsychotic drugs worth millions.

With the weight of regret and misery on his shoulders, Kantai is faced with a life-changing decision: turn the drugs over to the authorities and live with his past mistakes, or take a chance and sell them to secure his family's future. Kantai chooses the latter, putting his life and his family at great risk.

Untying Kantai is written by Abel Mutua and directed by Philip Karanja, the Philit Productions duo behind the Kalasha-winning comedy Sue na Jonnie and AMVCA-winning films A Grand Little Lie and Click Click Bang. Denise Kibisu serves as the producer of the series.

Here's the cast;

Benson Ojuwa (County 49) is King Kantai, a transport manager who is described as “the hardest worker in the room but also extremely unlucky.” Kantai is driven by the need to secure his family’s future, and when an illegal opportunity comes knocking, he doesn’t think twice about the consequences.

Singer and Kora Awards winner Silayio (Nafsi) is Angela Kantai, staunch Christian and domineering wife of Kantai.

 Sanchez Ombasa (Faithless) is Emory “MRI” Sagini, a recovering addict and former drug peddler who’s looking to rehabilitate and reinvent himself.

One of the newest young actors to watch, Francis Ouma (Volume) is Succoth “Acekay” Kantai, Kantai’s last-born son. Heavily influenced by Kenyan hip hop, he is rebellious, confident and ambitious with a natural talent for rap.

 Kalasha Award nominee Blessing Lung’aho (Country Queen) is Rob, a rogue cop who’s loyal to no one but himself, not even the criminal gangs that pay him for protection.

 Keith Chuaga (Igiza) is Wakili, a criminal lawyer who has never lost a case. Known as the messiah of the criminal world, he is known for eliminating witnesses and wiping his clients’ records clean.

Kalasha Award winner Pascal Tokodi (Selina) is Arnold, a drug dealer with the purest stash in town.

The series also stars Andrew Muthure(Mother-in-Law), Mercy Mutisya (Kina), Dennis Mugo (Tahidi High), and Mary Mwikali (Second Family).