Zuchu with Diamond Platnumz
Image: Courtesy

Over the weekend it was reported that singer Zuchu packed and left her boyfriend Diamond Platnumz. This information was revealed by Diamond's sister Esma Khan.

Zuchu has finally responded saying she feels disrespected and that the one who should be defending her is the cause of the disrespect.

"I know I am famous and its normal to be talked about don't say things that are not true in order to praise your boss who owns the radio station yet you are able to get my side of the story and balance it," she wrote on Instagram stories


"This is exactly why I left, I was tired of being with a man whose people disrespect me yet he is the cause of the disrespect."

She added that as Diamond's woman, she has had to undergo a lot from people close to him.

"I try to be the good and the only weak link in my life is him."


 Zuchu went on to slam people who are speaking about leaving Diamond without saying that the WCB singer did to her.

"Let me leave with my bags and why don't you tell people why the person who made me leave did to me? If baby mamas come with their attitude, they through it on Zuchu. Ex girlfriends that I don't know have to use my name for content....I'm done"

It is reported that Zuchu got mad after Diamond introduced his ex girlfriend to his fans over the weekend.