Yvette Obura has appreciated Diana Marua. Yvette and Diana Marua's husband, Bahati,  share a child.

Obura has described the co-parenting as incredible.

Speaking to media personality Kalondu Musyimi, Obura said that Diana has done an amazing job with making the co-parenting journey easy.

"Co-parenting is amazing. I think the only fight we have with bahati is that anataka Mueni akae kwake sana. Hatujawahi pigana. They are amazing people," she said.


"Diana Bahati is such an amazing mum and am giving her her flowers. There's this one time I had a very bad mental break-down and she took Mueni for like two weeks. Huwezi lea mtoi ukiwa mentally unwell. Hio ndio siku nakaanga hivi najiambia this girl is heaven sent. Hata nguo mob sinunuliangi Mueni. Anakujanga tu ananiambia ni Diana amenunua. Anamwitanga mum," 

She went on to deny claims that she and Bahati had been back together. She also cleared the air, saying that she bought her car with her own money and not Bahati's.

“Last year I bought a car and people said that someone else had bought for me…I work for my money and let me make this thing clear today, I bought my own car with my own money,” She went on to mention that she could have bought a bigger car if she had a lot of money."

“People in the comment section were like ‘it has been bought for you’ I bought the car by myself."