Risper Faith
Risper Faith

Risper Faith has revealed that she has lightened her skin with expensive oils. She claimed that most Nairobi men love light skinned women.

Speaking to Kalondu Musyimi during the opening of Phoina Beauty, the businesswoman said;

"Nairobi lazima tushine. Let me tell you something. All Nairobi men, they like light-skinned women. Just go to a club and sit with a friend. See who they will talk to," she cited an example.


Asked if she sells the products, Faith said;

"Watu wakiitisha nitauza."

She also opened up about wanting to do a boob job.


"Lazima zisimame. Zimelala. After September, I am allowed to do any surgery I want. We are doing together with Amber Ray- We are doing at the same place, twin boobies."  

Risper has already undergone a weight loss procedure dubbed 'Gastric Sleeve.'