Amber Ray
Amber Ray

Amber Ray has revealed that the kind of friendship she likes is that which elevates one another.

She spoke this after she was asked by entertainment journalist Kalondu Musyimi to describe her friendship with Phoina Tosha.

She described her as an independent woman who serves friendship goals. Amber said she is past having parasites for friends.


" Right now the way life has become, for me to be friends with you, be stable. If you have a problem, we can help each other. But I don't want a parasite in my life. If You are not bringing anything to the table then why are we friends?" She asked

Amber went on to say that she is in a place where she and her girlfriends are financially stable.

"If we plan a girls' trip, you are able to pay for yourself."


She said this while attending the opening of Phoina Beauty's new space at Chaka Place.