Alphonse Makokha

Last week, Vioja Mahakamani actor, Makokha Makacha was roughed up and robbed by a crowd of rowdy youth when he attended Jahmby Koikai's burial ceremony.

In  an Instagram message, Makokha warned that those who stole from him that they played with the wrong one.

"Unajifanya wewe ndio unajua tu sana lakini tumekukemba mtu wangu. Ikiwa ulinimangia tenge yangu my friend we hauna bahati. Kaa rada cause tunakukamia na si tafadhali. Wazi, mbeksee," he said


While he did not specifically say what steps he would take, a serious Makokha said he was going to come for all those who did him dirty.


Makokha was among tens of people who attended reggae MC Jahmby Koikai's funeral which went down on Friday at the Lang'ata cemetery.