Zari Hassan and her husband Shakib Cham
Zari Hassan and her husband Shakib Cham
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Zari Hassan has told her husband Shakib Cham that she can get married to two husbands because in South Africa, polyandry is embraced.

Polyandry is when a woman has more than one husband.

"In South Africa we are allowed to have two husbands. It is a new South African law, it was passed. We can have two husbands. If you find someone else, I going to get a second husband," she said on their joint Youtube channel.

Zari went on to explain to her husband that as a Muslim man, he has rights to marry four wives adding that as a South African resident, she also has the right to marry two husbands.

"We are trying the long distance relationship so we can also try the four wives and two husbands its gonna be a big family," she said

Zari brought the issue up after she assumed that her husband was vibing with other women on his DM.

"It doesn't hurt differently because you are a man. I am not gonna cheat on you, I will just go straight and get married."

She assured him that he is her last husband.