Senator Karen Nyamu
Image: Instagram

Senator Karen Nyamu's whatsapp is back after a brief ban. She shared a screenshot on Saturday saying that her WhatsApp number had been flagged as spam.

She explained that despite Kenyans sending her a lot of 1 bobs and 5 bobs, it was banned for being texted constantly on WhatsApp.

"Mumefurahia sasa siwezi chat," she asked 

The politician has now updated that her WhatsApp is back.

"My WhatsApp is back. My enemies will never win. I am God's last born ndio maana hata nina kichwa ngumu. Mpesa zimuok kumuok 5 bob kuenda juu.'

According to WhatsApp help center, the app bans accounts if it believes the account activity violates their Terms of Service "....for example if it involves spam, scams or if it puts WhatsApp users’ safety at risk. We recommend carefully reviewing the "Acceptable Use of Our Services” section of our Terms of Service to learn more about the appropriate uses of WhatsApp and the activities that violate our Terms of Service."