Shifura with Hoozambe hitmaker
Shifura with Hoozambe hitmaker

Shifura, a Ugandan woman has gone viral after being featured in a viral music video by Hoozambe hitmaker D Star.

D Star, the Hoozambe hitmaker has been in Kenya the last one week for a media tour.

Shifura learnt of the news on a TikTok live.


"Hoozambe is coming to Kenya?" she asked before being told that he had already landed in Kenya without her

She added "Its okay, I'm coming alone."

The Hoozambe dance challeneg has also gone viral. It involves a woman sitting on a man's lap as they sing to the song.


Asked who is going to be sitting on the singer's lap in Kenya, the disappointed video vixen said;

"Someone else. Maybe he has someone else."

A fan assured her that she has trended in Kenya and doing her own media tour would help.

Check out fans' reactions to Shifura's statemet;

Stevetrex: Come on you have been stealing hozambe's thunder now you are concerned his going to Kenya without you

Aimpro: She doesn't need to get entitled to the guy's song though, she was just like a vixen 

Gerogina ams: But Shifrah has been doing interviews alone

Loved right: the entitlement of dis chic🙌so is she part of hoozambe feature

Jetimediaplus: have u been travelling with him on radio and tv stations too ?

artificikdreadlocksken: In kenya we go with artists not vixen

Alphamediaug: Guy realized Shifrah was getting more popular than him😂

Ed Memories: At this point I think hozambe stole shifra’s song coz what kind of entitlement is this 

Marry Merrily: So now ure the song owner Uve been doing your thing solo forgetting that there’s an owner

Nambooze: She goes to interviews without him