Kamene and Jalas
Kamene and Jalas

It is never a dull day on The Morning Kiss whenever Kamene and Jalas find themselves differing on various topical issues.

This morning, emotions ran high when the two were locked on whether a woman should go on her knee and propose to her man.

Jalas sees no problem with that arguing that as a man you would be ready but wondering whether you are enough for her, only for her to find you as a marriage material.

He said; "This is what happens, as a man dating you I am wondering is money enough? Is it the right time?

There is a lot going through my mind during this time and kumbe you all these things that are disturbing my head are not even of importance to you.

He added,

For you, you are already in love with this guy but the man at that time is going through a lot of questions. Girlfriend if you have already seen potential in your man go on your knees and propose.

Kamene was not buying none of that and she argues that ‘If as a man you are questioning whether we are good enough then we shouldn't be together because you are already questioning the longevity of our relationship.’

When you want to ask someone to marry you, you want to ask, men don’t think these guys know. If I am the one who initiated our engagement who’s going to initiate the ruracio and wedding? Who is going to be the head of the family?Kamene said.

This prompted Jalas to move towards Kamene and make her go on her knee and 'propose' to him only for his plot to fail terribly.

Watch the hilarious video below;