Chantelle Petit has been through h*ll and back. Her baby daddy Ephy Saint did not make it any easier, well according to her social media post.

She almost lost her life after delivering her first child, Boo Boo. The big question guys kept asking at the time was, where is the baby daddy?

She exposed him for his selfish acts as a man who mocked her when she was suffering from depression.

Chantelle did a whole write up that she later deleted, claiming that she is scared of him because she went against his command to never speak about this.

also, I deleted the other stories because I got scared. deep down I felt terrified that mental torture he had on me is still there. I was speaking up in public something he forbid maybe now some will start asking me why I am a single mother

Worry not, read about it all below:

Exposed: Chantelle Petit shames baby daddy, Ephy Saint over emotional abuse

All this time she was exposing him, Ephy took to social media saying that Chantelle is a toxic girl who is just trying to bring him down.

He basically made it clear that he also has his side of the story but he doesn’t have time to expose her like she is doing.

Ephy even had a certain female friend who was so concerned about him telling him not to worry about the negative energy, in fact, he should just block Chantelle.

Both have toned down on their posts. Maybe because they are trying to protect an innocent baby, Boo Boo.

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