Eric Omondi had last year given so many men pressure. At that time, he was holding the number one spot of the most romantic Kenyan man.

Sadly, even good things come to an end. His relationship with his girlfriend, Miss Chanty went down the drain.

In case you forgot, he told Kiss100 last year that he is planning to take cows and goats via plane to Italy. I do not how possible that would have been but hey, it was worth the try.

He had a social distanced interview with Churchill, the godfather of comedy, who asked him when he plans to wed.

One thing that we are not so sure about is if the two are still dating or nah.

Yes, it was a public break up but according to our sources, she has been living with Eric Omondi.

“By the way people are asking when is the wedding? So many people are asking,” Churchill addressed the elephant in the room.

Trust Eric to avoid the question by turning it into a joke. He said,

Well, weddings are usually on Saturdays. When you just go to Karen, there are so many wedding ceremonies happening. My wedding is a Kenyan wedding. Now you can put the pay bill number for people to send their contributions so that this marriage can be ours. When asked about Chantelle. He kept it short and sweet. “Chantelle ako poa”

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The relationship between this two is quite cordial for exes. Remember last time  Miss Chanty wrote him such a cute birthday message?

“Let’s scream Happy Birthday to this awesome man!! we have grown old together even if we have our ups and downs we always manage to fix things, thank you for always supporting me in everything i do, am so proud of you make sure you always stay the strong happy smart and wonderful man i know!! You will always be my #redheadedmess and best friend first! Happy birthday again boo boo and to many more to come 💯😘💕” read Miss chanty’s birthday post.

I do not know about you, but I will let Facebook do the job for me and wish my ex a happy birthday.

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