Eric Omondi Maribe

Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe’s love story is out there in the open.

Once upon a time, the two were in a relationship and rumored to be parents to Jacque’s son.

The two are actually friends behind all the rumors and the gossip that they are not in good terms. A video Eric posted yesterday on his Instagram proved that they two are very good friends.

Eric Omondi took a video of the two in a salon in front of a mirror. Jacque with no makeup tells him to stop and then he jokes about the alleged pregnancy.

He throws in a clever joke by saying that he is watching football but directs the camera to her tummy. Jacque starts laughing hilariously.

Last week rumours went round that she was pregnant and apparently Dennis Itumbi was throwing her a baby shower.

The poster convinced us that she could actually be expecting a bouncing baby anytime in July.

How Jacque Maribe and Jowie will be celebrating their anniversary week

From the video by Eric, it’s clear she is not pregnant. She probably had beans that day that made her stomach bulge out more than normal and we Kenyans just jumped to conclusions.

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