Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond Platnumz dated a while back and that culminated in the birth of a son for the former lovers. When that happened, Zari was still in the picture and Diamond was not happy that Hamisa had attempted to trap him.

I will never marry you! Diamond Platnumz shouts down Hamisa Mobetto

Since then their cold relationship has thawed out and the two are happy to interact and co-parent their son, Dylan. Diamond has since moved on with Tanasha and Hamisa Mobetto announced that she is engaged to be married with a cheeky post.

New month, new engagement! Hamisa Mobetto spots engagement ring, Tanzanians start whispering

Thing is though, Hamisa and Esma at some point were friends. And when Hamisa was pregnant, Mama Diamond was reported to have been rather… nasty to the lass. So much so that even her own in-laws were upset at her for her behaviour towards the mother of her grandson.

Kendrah Michael

Mama Diamond’s in-laws reveal just how badly she treated Hamisa Mobetto and they HATE her for it

So what is the situation between Esma and Hamisa Mobetto at the moment? Well, Esma was put to task about it and this is what she had to say to Dizzim Online:

‘Nani akuambia mimi simpendi Hamisa Mobetto. Mimi na Hamisa Mobetto tunachat kama kawaida nakumbuka mara ya mwisho tumechat mwezi ule. Tulikuwa tunaongelea kuhusu birthday ya mtoto Dylan. Kesho yake akanitumia picha yak wake aliyopiga na Taraji. Pia tukaongelea kuhusu mambo ya biashara, material, tuliongea vitu vingi. So Tunaongea, we chat, hatuna tatizo na wala hatuchukiani