Ethic Entertainment has been having it rough as of last two weeks.

They had a great idea to release yet another song before the parte season starts but it worked against them. They were in trouble with Kenyans and of course Ezekiel Mutua after they released their song, ‘Tarimbo’.

The hook of the song has some very harsh words where Rekles says,

mimi hupenda chapa na Tarimbo mimi huchapa na nakanyaga na namwaga bila hata permission (i nut without permission)

KFCB CEO, Ezekiel made sure he fought hard to make sure such vulgar language is not accessible to anyone. He says he has to make sure KFCB standards are maintained.

Ethic receive warning after ‘Tarimbo’ song is pulled down from YouTube

Since it caused a lot of uproar, they were forced to apologize to the public. Read their apology below:

‘We are remorseful…’ Ethic Entertainment forced to apologize after graphic song
Just after their apology and hitting a million views on Youtube, they woke up to a warning from YouTube after they pulled down ‘Tarimbo’.
Ethic Entertainment then took to social media to assure their fans there is more to come in as much they have lost a big project.

Hopefully, all this served as a lesson to Ethic and other Gengetone artistes. Creating music is okay but music that is not offensive.

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