Ethic Entertainment, Gengetone pioneers have made their fans and followers upset after the release of their last song, Tarimbo.

The song had amazing beats with the visuals very clear as compared to where they started. But just one line in their lyrics that were on repeat spoilt it for them.


Reckless who is termed as the talent in the group says,

mimi hupenda chapa na Tarimbo mimi huchapa na nakanyaga na namwaga bila hata permission (i nut without permission)

The hook of the song got so many people ranting against the song because it was promoting rape.

Sex without consent is rape and they say they will do it without permission.

The news got to Dr. Ezekiel Mutua who is not a fan of gengetone and he made sure the song was pulled down from YouTube.

Wafungwe! Ezekiel Mutua gunning for Ethic Entertainment

Today he has announced that the song is not on YouTube and true to his word, it has been pulled down.

This serves as Ethic’s first warning and should they get two more warnings, they will lose their page.

In as much as the song received a lot of hate, it was pulled down just when they hit a million views.

Last week, with the help of their new management, AI Records, they posted an apology on social media. Read their statement below:

‘We are remorseful…’ Ethic Entertainment forced to apologize after graphic song

I guess this poses as a lesson to them and other Gengeotone artistes.

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