We have all had to deal with the betrayal our friends have visited upon us. It is nothing new and even Jesus Christ, your Lord and personal saviour had to contend with this. And if the son of God was not exempt from this problem, what of you and I?

For the love of children: Grace Msalame the Sunday school teacher

Grace Msalame has certainly had to deal with traitors in her inner circle and this goes without saying. And with time she has become wiser in how she deals with such issues. Actually, she has become sagacious, so much so that even I will borrow a leaf from her book.

Grace Msalame

Grace Msalame narrates “I started having heavy bleeding”

Grace Msalame took to social media to explain her approach to the issue of wanting to avenge yourself on the offending party. First, it takes too much time and also becoming bitter about it is like drinking venom to kill your friend so hear her out below: