What is not to love when it comes to Chiki and Bien? They are such a cute couple and once in a while, they remind us that love still exists in this century.

Chiki took to social media to appreciate the man of her dreams. He may be away but he is always in her mind. She posted a picture of her giving him the peck of love and captioned,

As a kid I’ve never understood the phrase ‘I love you more today than I did yesterday, and I will love you even more tomorrow’. But now I do. 5 years is madness to me lol. But as I know more about you each and every day. I respect you more and I love you more. Hurry up and come home @bienaimesol lol. Me and the dog.miss you. FYI its not my anniversary…. just miss my man

Bien and Chiki complement each other in every way. When he sings, she dances along to his tune and vice versa. I want to find myself such a man.

Bien uko wapi? Man spotted grabbing Chiki’s waist in public(Video)

She said yes to him early this year now we are waiting for the wedding which Bien said he is not part of the organizing team but he’ll give her the best day of her life and an amazing marriage till death do them part.

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