Diamond and Tanasha have been separated for close to two weeks now and the mother of one is back home.

She made sure she went to where she was once raised, Diani and we must say she is living her best life. Tanasha has been posing in bikini’s chugging cocktails and shots in the club.

She has been posting subliminal messages to Diamond and you can tell she is moving on as an independent woman who has sworn to never date another celebrity. Clearly, manz broke her.

Diamond through this remained silent until we saw a poster suggesting he would address an important matter. Unfortunately his message about there being two sides of a story was about a new brand endorsement.

He took to social media with a message claiming that every human being has a good and a bad side.

“Every human being has his good and bad side. So teach yourself to accept who you are and tressure everyone who made an impact in your life whether good or bad because they did not come into your life by mistake. It was written by God for them to be there and help you reach the far that you have come.” Diamond posted

As Tanasha was busy trying to show off she has moved on, Diamond is on the grind making money and moving on like nothing ever happened. But the last time Diamond was questioned on dumping women left right and center, he said he doesn’t understand why he is being harassed for his actions.

‘Don’t you ever leave me solo,’ Tanasha begs Diamond

He made it clear when things are not working out in a relationship, there is no need to force things.

As his best friend Rayvanny said, we are waiting to know the next East African country where he will chose a lass to father a child.

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