Willy Paul recently released his new song dubbed ‘I DO’ featuring Jamaican songbird Alaine. There was so much fuss on the whole issue with Willy Paul trying to fool his fans that he was actually dating Alaine and they later on got married.

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I mean, how naive can one little boy be? Does he think we are that foolish to believe that he actually scored points with Alaine? C’mon now son, you need to try harder than that.

Willy Paul Is The Towns Laughing Stock As Alaine Can’t Bear To Kiss Him (Video)

It’s one thing to make good music and receive credit for the hardwork put into it, but it’s another thing to pull weak publicity stunts that end up blowing up on your face. Well, that’s exactly what happened to the Diamond wannabe.

Speaking of Diamond Platnumz, Willy Paul is currently in Tanzania promoting his new single. At least that’s what he said. But it seems there’s more to it than just promoting his music.

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He has been spotted in Diamond’s WCB offices since he went to Bongo land. He has claimed that we should expect something from his visit.

This Is Why Fans Have Moved On From Willy Paul’s Lame Publicity Stunts

He posted photos on social media with Diamond in his office. From the look of things, he might be signing a contract with the ‘Salome’ hitmaker.

This can go two ways. One, he might be the new signee to the well recognised record label, considering he’s always looked up to Diamond in ways more than one. Two, he might be working on signing a deal to have a collabo with his idol or any of his minions.

Well, we’ll just have to wait and see what all this fuss is all about.

Check out the photos below;

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