Nyashinski isn’t the only one who is tired of this strategy these trollops and “divas” use when posting their thirst traps.
Amber Ray, the video vixen behind the “Santorini Bae” viral video last year and the video vixen of one of Otile Brown’s song has done a good job of positioning herself as the go-to video vixen to play the role of partner and lover.

Amber Ray recently took to her Instagram post to share a photo of herself in booty shorts and wouldn’t you know it, she also shared a rather “inspiring” message for future trollops who want to pursue a career like hers. The woman who was once married to a failed politician by the name Zaheer Jhanda who was mentioned in a recent fraud scandal said the following:

I’m not my body, I’m not my ass, but I got them both. God gave them to me, hate on it if you want to, but that’s just coz you can’t pose yours. If you can, good for you…

But atleast there was something else that was useful for the lasses who want to follow in her footsteps. Anyone who would be looking to get themselves in through the door of the world these socialite trollops live in should read the last part of the message:

join @vazykenya as a model and make some money with me😉. Looking for Vazy ltd models. Follow and Dm @vazykenya if interested

Interestingly, back when she first got any sort of notoriety, it was because of Zaheer Jhanda’s first wife who accused her of using juju to try and weasel her way into the man’s heart and mind (she was already in his bed) and trying to make her way into his family fortune: