What you do not know cannot hurt you. Beauty without knowledgeable tips is not quite the beauty you want to flaunt out there. Selecting frame glasses can prove a hard task. You want to look pretty and still be comfortable in your glasses.

Whether medically recommended or just beautically recommended, the glasses you wear should suit your face and enhance your beauty.

To know the shape of your face is quite easy. Stand in front of the mirror look closely at the shape and contours of your face. If you still can not figure it out, outline it with a rule. Seriously, it will work.

Depending on the shape of your face, here are a few recommendations for the frames you should select.

For those with a heart-shaped, the best shape for your glass frames should be circular or geometrical. You should pick frames that are light-colored frames that are wider at the bottom.

Oval shaped face

the frames you pick should wider around the eye. Also, square and oval shapes can work for you. A walnut-shaped frame that is not too deep or too narrow can also look good on you.

Round face shape

you should ensure that the frame has a close nose bridge. Rectangular frames, either full-rimmed or semi-rimless can be good for you. The frame should be wider and less deep.

Square faces should consider getting either a round frame or an oval frame to help balance the face.

The cat-eye glasses have been the current trend for Millenials but it is best suitable for those with triangular and diamond-shaped faces.

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