It is that time again when the streets are filled with youngsters after they closed school last week.

Most students spend time in town meandering and checking up on friends they haven’t seen after schools were opened.

As much as it’s ok to meet and catch up, most students end up just idling around and not making good use of the time they are not in school.

So kids, here are 8 things you should consider doing now that schools are closed

1. Vocational Bible Study

Being closer to God or rather getting to know him better has never hurt anyone and students should take this time to for Bible studies and share with friends what they’ve learnt.

2. Go to Shagz

You’ve been in school for three months and haven’t had time to visit your grandparents. Well this is the perfect time to go to Shagz and chill with your grandparents. You even take this time to learn how things are done there like milking a cow or how to run a farm.

3. Helping with house chores

Kids of this era are somewhat spoilt especially those who live in the city. Most households have househelps who do everything for them. Now that students are at home, they should help around with house chores.

4. Camping

Camping is a pretty fun activity to try out. So why not gather a few friends and go on a camping trip and just bond.

5. Do some reading

Just coz schools have closed doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick a book and read. Take time to keep yourself informed and even prepare for the next term so that things are a bit easier for you.

6. Voluntary Work

Most times we are adviced to try as much as we can to give back to the community in whichever way you see fit. Take this time to do voluntary work and you just might make someone’s life a little bit easier or better.

7. Avoid taking inappropriate photos

Remember the #ifikiewazazi? Well, you don’t want your image to be painted in bad lighting. So avoid taking inappropriate photos or else you’ll end up being the talk of town and your parents won’t be happy about it.

8. Doing church activities

Engaging yourself with some church activities is a good thing. You can do things like teaching kids Bible stories during Sunday school, lead the youth in praise and worship and even going for Church trips is a great thing.

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