Yvette Obura was trending last week after her tattoo was exposed on Being Bahati.

The tattoo she claimed is the name of her daughter, Mueni but everyone wanted to know why she added Bahati on the chest.

Hours before the show is aired, Yvette addressed the issue, taking to her social media to clear the air,

“My tattoo had to be something so meaningful and something I love and it happened to be MUENI BAHATI.”

Baba Mueni has not spoken about it but we at Kiss100.co.ke got a chance to ask him what he thinks about that move.

Giving a cheeky smile, he looked down then looked at the camera and said:

no comment


Despite the fact that this was aired on his weekly reality show, he insisted he did not want to start another conversation on this.

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I guess in his mind, the discussion there was ‘your tattoo, your choice.’

Yvette Obura’s pal was not at all impressed by this move, telling Yvette “Si you move on? Who will marry you with Bahati’s tattoo [on your body]?

Adding, “Let me ask you, Bahati is married, what if the wife sees the tattoo?”

Responding to her pal, Yvette retorted, “Why are you hurt?”

Bahati’s response was captured during the Rebirth of his record label EMB. He is currently hitting the airwaves with the song Fanya alongside his new signee Danny Gift.