Bien Aime, member of Sauti Sol, has finally addressed the elephant in the room.

Over the last couple of months, we have heard Sauti Sol refer to the Sol Generation members as just Nvirri, Kaskazini and Ben Soul. Crystal Asige has been left out.

Today, we had the opportunity to interview Bien during a Sauti Sol press conference on their forthcoming album in March, plus details about signing with Universal Music Africa which is under Universal Music Group.

We asked him why Crystal has been missing in action and he said they are no longer working together.

‘We are not working with Crystal anymore and this came with a lot of complications. It was an amicable break and we are glad we gave her a platform.’ Bien revealed.

It took Sauti Sol two years to release the biggest song in Kenya now, Suzanna and Bien said he wrote and forgot about it.

“When we were doing the album I decided to finish it and it sounded so great. Once I shared it on my Instagram it went viral. On a different occasion, I  was in a hotel in Nakuru and heard the video I had on social media being played. It’s then that we decided to release the song.’ He added

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Sauti Sol has promised to change the name of the song to ‘Senje’ in the case they make it to 10,000 comments on their post but he explained they settled for Suzanna because it is globally related.

“We went with Suzanna because it’s a much more global context. Senje is an aunty but in this context it’s the random aunty which everyone uses even makangas (touts). “

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Watch the whole interview below:

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