Chipukeezy and Ringtone woke the internet up last week after the Director of NACADA said that the gospel artiste needs to go to rehab.

Ringtone has been posting a lot of things online especially of him calling out Willy Paul. He said too much of it to a point we were left wondering if everything is okay with him?

So when Chipukeezy mentioned he was taking him to rehab we all thought, so that was his problem. When called Ringtone for a comment he said Chipukeezy is joking around as his line of work is a comedian.

We called Chipukeezy for a reply on this whole topic and he said:

Ringtone is Ringtone. I think he is just joking. Art is diverse. HE HAS that one element of being stubborn. He might have a message he is trying to pass but he is doing it wrongly. let him be. maybe we need to sit down and ask what is he trying to tell us in gospel? he has a point regardless of being ratchet so let’s not just attack him. when you to go to the rehab I am the NACADA.

The information as  we gathered from both parties, was clearly a prank gone wrong, which backfired because Chipukeezy is known as a NACADA director so that worked against him.

‘You foolish man! Jesus is not your age mate’ Ringtone attacks Willy Paul

Despite all the harsh words the gospel artiste had, Willy Paul has not yet responded to any of them. But with Ringtone, every day is a dramatic day.

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