Mazishi Hit maker Khaligraph Jones is running this industry if what he says is anything to go by. Speaking to Kiss 100 he made it evident that he has so many plans for 2018 and is working on a lot of projects.

“Next year its gonna be khaligraph Jones on a larger scale because you will see from January the videos that am gonna releasing are not going to be something that Kenyans have never seen before. Am just taking it to another level.”

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The people he is going to feature in his album are both Kenyan and international artistes but he is not ready to reveal who they are yet. He is also planning to do his shoots in other countries. Stating;

“Am going to Nigeria, Tanzania and South Africa to shoot a couple of videos.”

By the end of this year, hopefully end of December, he is going to put out his new album that he has been wanting to release for a long time.


His plans for Christmas is just like everyones plans. He values spending time with his family so of course he will be with his family, he stated;

“Am planning to spend time with family and of course I will be working. I have a lot of shows back to back all over Kenya but am still planning to chill with the people that I care about, my family.”