Mr Seed decided to come clean during the interview and admit he has cheated on his girlfriend. Well at that point it was not very clear where each of them stand in each other’s life.


The couple had issues and he found a shoulder to lean on in another woman. Mr Seed claims that in everyone’s life there is always that one person who knows what is going on in your life and when they spot something is wrong, they offer their support.

At that specific time, a lady came through at his trying time and so he ended up cheating on his girlfriend.

yes, i have cheated before. we had broken up but not sure we had. so i went and found someone who was a shoulder to lean on. those guys who know something is wrong even if you have not told them so yeah.  i went and got myself into a trap

mr seed, nimo gachuiri

This shocked us and when Mr Seed realised this, he started defending himself saying it was the devil’s work and you can never lack that one person who will trap you.

there is always that one person in our life who knows you’re dating but will always come at the most vulnerable time of your life and it’s easy to fall into the trap

This news comes just after he opened up about his fiance and baby mama being disrespected on the 31st of December by Bahati and his wife Diana Marua.

Mr Seed, Nimo Gachuiri
Mr Seed, Nimo Gachuiri

Read all about it below.

Exclusive: ‘I left EMB because my fiancée was disrespected and it hurt me’ Mr Seed cries out

Mr Seed just released his first solo project, Dunda away from EMB where he terminated his contract, though he says he has no bad blood with Bahati and Diana. Nimo also forgave them way before he did.



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