Mr. Seed

Mr. Seed is a dance hall gospel artiste. Mr. Seed simply means the word of God. He believes he is called to preach the word of God and plant seeds in peoples lives.

“Nimeitwa na God kusaw seed kwa life ya wasee”

He has just dropped a new single featuring Size 8 Reborn. The song so far has received both positive and negative comments. For some reason, people are attacking Size 8 yet the song was Mr. Seed’s idea.

Simba Wa Yuda! Mr. Seed And Size 8’s New Song Is Under Attack

Mr. Seed

In exclusive interview with Kiss FM, Mr. Seed finally had an opportunity to talk about his new song. He said the song is more of a testimony about how God has changed his life.

“Hii song ni my testimony, ninaambia watu God akispeak kwa life yako vitu huchange. Alispeak kwa life yangu nikaona light. Alispeak kwa life ya size 8 akaokoka akatoka from secular to gospel artiste so basically ni like a testimony naambia watu there is nothing God can’t do. Na ile siku ataamua kuspeak everything will change in your life.”

Mr. Seed

Surprisingly, Simba Wa Yuda is a song that Mr. Seed has had for a long time way before Kumbe Kumbe was released. He just didn’t know when he was going to release it because it wasn’t the right time.

Mr. Seed didn’t have any plans to do the collabo with Size 8, it was just something that happened. It was a coincidence that Size 8 was having a studio session and he happened to be in the studio. He gave her some of the songs he is working on to listen to them but of all the songs she listened to she loved Simba wa Yuda.

“Size 8 alikua studio na session nikamwekea mawimbo akaskia and then nikamwekea simba wa yuda and she fell in love with it akaniambia ‘me I want to be in this song na si tafadhali.’ Nikaona si idea mbaya akakuja akaweka verse na tukadu ngoma.”

Mr. Seed

As much as Mr. Seed was not expecting to work with Size 8 on this song, he always wanted to work with her. He admits it was a good experience working with size 8. The main reason why he was more than excited and wanted to work with her on the song is because she is God fearing and preaches about God.

“Size 8 ni mtu God fearing. Ako na hiyo passion ya Mungu alafu yeye ni preacher in a way. Nilikua pia nataka kuwork na size 8 but nilikua nafeel haikua the right time so sahi ndo ilikua the right time juu vitu ziliflow vismoothly.”

Mr. Seed is signed under Eastlands Most Beloved Records (EMB). His plans after his contract is over is to continue building his own dreams as an artiste. He might renew his contact or decide to continue solo.

“Contract ikiisha naweza kurenew ama naweza decide ku maliza contract niendelee na career yangu kama independent artiste”

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