Talking to Kiss 100, she revealed more details about her separation from Dr. Ofweneke. So far they have been in contact and their relationship has been good.

“I have seen God. You know it’s not easy separating from someone you love, building a family with, someone who was your best friend and spouse. But God has given me peace that surpasses human understanding. He has filled me with joy and I am happy.”

She acknowledges that being saved doesn’t mean she doesn’t get hurt or feel anything. Her heart is not made of steel. She goes through life just like anyone else.

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“Ata ukue umeokoka aje or anything Mioyo yetu si ya chuma. You must get hurt and of course I was hurt after the break up”


Nicah also confirmed that Dr. Ofweneke takes care of the baby they had together.

“He does take care of the younger one. He has been there. Thats all I can say. Our relationship is okay because when you have kids together no matter your differences, our babies need both of us. We relate very well because of our kids, and that is amazing. In short we are good co-parents.”

She explained that the kids do not understand what is going on. They still see their father during the weekend and they have never asked Nicah anything concerning the break up.

“Maybe with time when they grow up and they start to understand stuff they will come and ask by then we will have the answers.”

When asked if there is any hopes of her getting back with Dr. Ofweneke she said;

“I don’t know but for now we are happy with where we are. What matters is happiness. If we are both happy we can bring up the kids right.”