Victoria Kimani is among the most celebrated women in the Kenyan music industry. She has proven over the years that she’s an exceptional artiste with unique content and quite frankly, she doesn’t disappoint.

Well, a while back, she revealed that she was no longer signed to Nigerian record label Chocolate City but many were left with questions as to why she had to leave.


In an interview with Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru on Breakfast with the Stars, Victoria revealed that her contract had expired and it was time for her to be an independent artiste.

She said, “You know like every contract has an expiry date. The contract was over and to be honest with you, most of the time I was on the label, I felt like an independent artiste anyway. I did most things by myself. So it was just time for me to step out on my own and do my own thing and not have to split money with anybody.”

When asked if she’s scared to take that route she said, “I’m not scared. For some reason it’s been a smooth transition. I just feel like I’m continuing what I’ve already been doing, I won’t have to throw anyone’s logo on my videos. For some reason it’s been relatively smooth.”

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Well, Victoria has been ruling the airwaves with her hot jam ‘China Love’ featuring RCity. So how did she get to work with the superstars?

I was in studio with Dre Beat, who produced China Love and we were in a kind of a weird situation because music especially music over there has a sound and everybody keeps doing like the same type of thing and I was like honestly I’m really getting tired of this and this is part of my transition from leaving that label as well. So we got together and did the song and then I was like Imma hit up my boys, because I’ve known them for a while, so I emailed them the song and they were like yeah and they sent it back in like a week, it was like no stress whatsoever.”

When asked what was the inspiration behind it, she explained, “I think my inspiration was, at that time I was going through like some bunch of transitions, So there was this other time and I had so many random people around me, broke up with an ex, I just felt like there was so much fakeness around me, even friends, people in and out of the industry. So I just felt like this was fake and something wasn’t right, it’s not an original type of thing, so when I thought of China, no offence to anyone from China but y’all know all the knock offs are from there, it’s good knock off but it’s not the real thing at the end of the day. So I just like infiltrated that with the situation I was going through.”


Adelle went ahead to ask her if the backlash from people who thought that she’s not embracing her country affected her, she said, “Yeah for sure because I was just looking for a platform for my music to be heard and when I found it, I didn’t think Kenyans would care, I didn’t think the initial reaction would be that. But the more I kept coming back home, it would be such a significant difference between how busy I am when I come here vs when I’m elsewhere and it would make me angry, and it would affect me because we celebrate for an artiste so much but why can’t you celebrate me if I go to a foreign place. It defintely got me down for a while but I dont regret anything because if I didn’t do that, most of you guys wouldn’t know me, the brand wouldn’t be where it is now and to be honest, those who got angry, they are gonna get more angry because I’m planning on going to like mars, like the moon and like far.”

Listen to the full Interview below;

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