Having a boyfriend or girlfriend at your college is pretty darn convenient. You see each other all the time, have a bunch of the same friends, and don’t constantly have your parents busting in on your makeout sessions (we’ve all been there).

But occasionally you need some couple time, which is practically impossible when you know almost every person in the dining hall and your roommate practically refuses to leave the room unless she has a class. And going on legit “dates” can be tough when neither of you has a car on campus or enough time and money to spend a weekend off-campus.

Hope is not lost, you little lovebirds — great dates are possible without ever leaving the comfort of your college campus. All you need is a little creativity.

Here are some great ideas according to College Candy.

 Grab a cup of Joe and chill in a scenic spot on campus. This is also the perfect people-watching opportunity!

Whether you decide to go ham on Game of Thrones or opt for the new season of your fave Netflix show, this is the perfect rainy day activity.


Many schools offer on-campus fitness classes that you should check out together. If not, a YouTube video in the lounge works too!


From art showcases to plays and improv comedy shows, there’s always an on-campus group putting an event together. Even if it’s something you’ve never been into before, check it out!


From basketball to baseball to football, there’s bound to be a sport you will both enjoy. It doesn’t matter if your school’s sports teams suck or win championships – it’s a great way to spend a night.

 The couple that sweats together, stays together!


Bring some of your favorite board games from home or find some in your students' lounge. This makes a great double date too!


Get creative! Leave clues at your favourite spots on campus (like where you had your first kiss or like to watch the sun set) and be waiting at the end with a surprise.

 Maybe you don’t have a picnic basket sitting around your dorm room, but you can always grab some sandwiches from the dining hall and eat them outside on a blanket on a sunny day.