Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent is an American rapper founder of the G-Unit, recently became a large, and unlikely, donor to the United Nations' World Food Program, and joined U.N. officials to visit South Sudan the East Africa war-torn Nation for charity work for the second time.

50 Cent is well known for his survival when he was shot 9 times on his face. A movie "Get Rich or die trying" was produced to dramatize how it all went down. At an early age, 50 Cent he was a crack dealer but later in life became among the top richest  black American rappers.

Last year April he visited South Sudan and launched various projects such as building schools, providing access to clean drinking water and feeding programmes for school going children.

He is not the only famous person doing the charity work but it does show a good example that if you have money its good to share with those who have less privileges in life.

"I want to be more, not just an artist, but as a person," 50 Cent said. "My legacy, what's left behind, I don't want to be a guy who's just remembered for writing a few decent songs."

Now he volunteers to help in one of the most lawless and dangerous places on Earth. 50 Cent also launched a new line of energy drinks, called Street King," in which $0.10 of every bottle sold will go toward feeling children all over the world.