Justin Bieber is proud of his extensive tattoo collection.

The I'm The One singer, 24, posted a close-up shot of his heavily inked torso on Instagram Wednesday.

Along with the impressive body art, the Canadian pop star bragged about how much time he's spent under the needle, captioning the picture: 'Over a hundred hours of hart [sic] work on my body and I wouldn’t take back a single one.'

Justin's torso was covered with designs, with barely an inch of uninked flesh to be seen.

'If tattooed [sic] didn’t hurt everyone would have them,' the Baby singer wrote in his caption, 'Well maybe not very one!!'

He continued: 'I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ART AND IVE MAde my body a canvas and it’s SO MUCH FUN.'

The picture showed just how much Bieb's body had evolved in little over a year.

Back just ahead of New Years 2017 the star had barely began his chest, with only a few patches of text and an ornate cross seen while he beached in Barbados.

Justin first flaunted his extensive chest piece by artist Keith 'Bang Bang' McCurdy right after it was done last October.

The design added a heavenly looking cathedral to other religiously inspired tattoos which included a lion and bear on each pec along with the words 'Son of God' and 'Purpose' (the title of his last album.)

Tattoo artist McCurdy praised Justin for his toughness after tattooing the star last fall, calling him 'tough as nail' while thanking the star for 'the trust.'

@justinbieber Thank you for the trust. 26 hours over 3 consecutive days is the most I’ve ever tattooed anyone in my 13 year career. You’re tough as nails man!'

Justin boasts over 60 different pieces of body art.

While many have religious meanings, others are more personal.

The What Do You Mean crooner has his mother Pattie Mallette's birthday etched into his chest in Roman numerals and the star still has an image of ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez tattooed on his wrist.

By Daily Mail