amber and avril
amber and avril
Noti Flow left her chills in Nairobi D season 7.

A poll was done on where they asked between Amber Ray and Avril, who wore a gold dress best. Now normally people post their response and bounce, but clearly, Noti Flow does not understand that language.

Noti Flow started a fire saying:

the dress looks cheap, no shade

That statement is full of shade, so I do not understand why she ended with 'no shade'. She had one job, to state who wore it best but she took it to another level and started a fire on social media.

The comments were just blown to Noti Flow calling her cheap and most people basically saying she is like the pot calling the kettle black.

Here are some comments:

Flaws: @notiflow you are the one who is cheap... I think you should know that.... Ama uncle Mus aje atwambie

Thithi: sasa this thing called notiflow kinasema nini. Shut ur smelly mouth noti , don’t u know many pple do not like you????

Sir: @notiflow kuliko zile viraka wewe huvaa za chwanichwani??

Evelyne: @notiflow a case of the pot calling the kettle least we know Amber n Avril....who are you again?

Moyo: @notiflow so is your life and your shitty music

Shilah: @notiflow unasema inakaa cheap huoni tule tuvinyasa we huvaa tunakaa twa 20bop gikomba...Lol Nyani haoni kundule...

Betty: Huyu noti tutamuitia pendo ndye anajua kudescribe hayo mavazi yake mbovumbovu

I know, she should have just kept the comment to herself right?