Jessie J has reacted to the comparisons between herself and rumored new beau Channing Tatum's new girlfriend, Jenna Dewan.

The British singer, 30, uploaded a lengthy statement on Instagram where she revealed she was refusing to entertain herself being pitted against another woman.

In the passionate message, the Price Tag hitmaker also admitted that it was her sole purpose to inspire young girls to be comfortable in their own skin and preached to women to 'stay strong together to change the world.'

Reports last month revealed that Channing was in a new romance with the popstar - prompting comparisons between Jessie and the Magic Mike's ex Jenna due to their short brunette lock.

However, Jessie has been none too pleased about the recent buzz as she detailed positivity, women championing women and self love in her statement.

Jessie stated:

Is picking who is prettier and then continuing to say why a good activity for women to participate in? No. Are women gaining a positive lesson from it? No. I spent so much of my childhood trying to be comfortable in my skin, just like so many other little girls, and when I got older, decided to spend my career making lots of music to try and help/inspire myself and all other women to their beauty from inside out and will continue to do so. Man does the world need it. More now than ever. I see this as a bigger lesson that I am able to speak on.

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Jessie continues:

We are all BEAUTIFUL. We are enough just the way we are. Be the best you!! You can't wake up and be anyone but you. So please love your face, your body, your mind, your heart . Be good to yourself And to those around you. Be sensitive with your words. Be kind with your words. You have no idea what they can do to someone. Alone ladies, we are strong . But TOGETHER? US WOMEN can truly CHANGE THE WORLD. Love Jessica.