There was no one to zoom in this time as Akothee likes to say, during her live performance at the One Africa Festival in Dubai a few days ago.

Akothee shared a post on social media saying she has been warned against putting on something skimpy during her performance.

This was after a lot of talk around the attire she had on last time. It caused such an uproar around African and so the CEO of One Africa Music Festival, Mr. Pauloo had to issue her with a warning.

Mr. Pauloo made sure he included the No Nudity clause, well accodring to AKothee's post.

She wrote:

When @officialkenyaairwaysdrops you in Dubai katasi @oneafrica_musicfest the crew on this plane was amazing madamboss in Dubai for the first time in her life watch the excitement, I will behave trust me, @pauloo2104 the contract though, No nudity, oyaa am dead mate my son @bahatikenya and family, I am Representing all of you whether good or bad am yours.

Akothee made sure the zoomers who are always in her business when it comes to what she wears as a mother of 5, are informed they should tag along and make sure they have come with Nyakundi who threw some shade a few days back saying Akothee is a spent cartridge.

come with good cameras pliz Zoomers, someone call nyakush to come see what living is all about, This is being the president the rest is fantasy, I know now I made it easy for him to see inside a plane , ngama oloyi to oloyi, luos translate pliz

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Akothee went to stage dressed in shorts that were longer that the usual and something that had covered her boobs, just showing off her flat tummy.