Pierra Makena had the privilege of DJing during this years Jamuhuri day celebrations.

Together with a few other trending celebrities this 2018, they graced the stage to showcase their various talents.

It is of course a privilege to be on the grounds at Nyayo Stadium and have the likes of President Uhuru Kenyatta jam to your beat or laugh at your jokes and for Pierra this was the opportunity for her to shine.

She posted a video Djing to 'Yesu Nakupenda' by Rose Muhando and Kenyans noticed that her decks were not connected to any source of power which beats logic.

Twitter went ham trolling her telling her to stop faking it.

You do know Pierra Makena will always clap back at trolls and she had a polite comeback. Pierra said she has been praying for such big opportunities but Kenyans will always try to bring someones hustle down.

This is me playing before the band came in......and we did the patriotic song as the president came in...which was being performed by the band...i killed my levels for the band so i cue u the next 

Please carefully note i am using controllers which only need the two connections as circled...anyone who knows this can help Anyone saying my equipment was not connected. 

I did expect trolls especially when i have been praying so hard to get such an opportunity.....the devil comes in different ways but once again God rules...amazing how people have bile when someone achieves something. People thought my career will die when i become a mom but clearly when God says yes no one can say no.

Pierra Makena ended her statement with a disclaimer that she is set to do more and as such, trolls should be on standby because there will be a lot of opportunities for them to jump in and troll her.

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