Kenyan artiste verses Kenyan DJ's and Radio Presenters is the new hashtag trending on social media.

Khaligraph Jones lit a fire a few days ago and now what others after him are doing is just fueling the fire. Khaligraph took to social media with a post letting radio presenters in Kenya that he is willing to pay for at least 10 media personalities to take a trip to Nigeria to see if they have fans.

He was just trying to create a conversation around the fact that many Kenya artistes complain that they do not have support from their own, but are willing and ready to play Bongo or Nigerian music.

Naiboi jumped on the trend and said he would also contribute to paying for another 5. Now, this got people on social media talking including popular radio presenters and artistes. Read all about it below:

Jalang'o, who was very vocal about these claims, took to social media saying:

This is to my brother and friend @thenaiboi before you pay for the trip to NAIJA remember that the following Radio presenters not only accepted to be in your video by recording themselves and sending you their videos to make you most popular hit 2 in 1! Hauna shukrani kabisa! Btw local artists are not complaining because they sing in vernacular and their songs are on high rotation in the local radio stations akina King Khali ni urban musicians who are out to compete with Naija and BONGO! Local music are being played! So @thenaiboi ni vizuri kukuwa na shukrani! 

Of course, this did not make Naiboi happy. Jalang'o later on deleted the comment but the 2in1 hitmaker took a screenshot and responded on social media.

So hapa ndio pali imefika(so this is what it had come to). Because i said we need to support kenyan music.

Because i said i will pay for 5 guys who don’t support kenyan music. CONCLUSION IS I AM NOT APPRECIATIVE?????? I say thank you More than I ask for assistance here on IG...KENYAN MUSIC ICHEZWE NA ICHEZWE KABISA(KENYAN MUSIC SHOULD BE PLAYED)!!!

The conversation seems like it will be going on for long as Kenyan artistes claim they are tired of making efforts that are not being recognized.