He's lucky to be alive after a terrifying motorcycle collision last summer in Italy.

And George Clooney admitted to The Hollywood Reporter that his riding days are over following the incident where he was hit head-on while travelling at '70 miles an hour' in Sardinia in July.

When asked his 'favourite Italy memory,' the 58-year-old actor casually replied that he learned he 'cannot fly' after the accident which 'knocked him out of his shoes.'

'I crashed a motorcycle. That was a really fun time,' he said. 'I've learned that I really, actually, cannot fly. I learned that lesson really well.'

Clooney was reportedly struck by a Mercedes that 'pulled in front of him' while he was traveling through the country on his motorcycle between filming his new drama Catch-22.

'Well, you did fly, actually,' co-star Kyle Chandler said. 'You did a pretty good job of it. That was a great wreck in my opinion.'

George admitted that the collision changed his perspective of riding and helped him hang up his helmet.

'It got both Grant and me, after 40 years of riding together, off of motorcycles for good,' he said. 'I had to quit. It was bad. I hit [a car] at 70 miles an hour.'

He revealed that he was 'hit hard' and the collision 'split my helmet in half' and knocked him out of his shoes.

'I was just waiting for the switch to turn off because I broke his windshield with my head, and I thought, "OK, well, that's my neck." If you get nine lives, I got all of them used up at once — so I can let go of motorcycle riding for a while,' Clooney said.

Executive producer Grant Heslov was along for the ride and saw the ordeal firsthand.

 'I made a deal because literally, we were on the side of the road,' Heslov said. 'I was holding him as we were waiting for the ambulance, I said to myself, "If he lives, I'll never ride a motorcycle again."'

George told a panel earlier this month that his wife Amal also banned him from ever again riding on a motorized two-wheel vehicle.